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Gallery » The Danzig Philatelist 2017 » Buttermarkt a historical square in Gdansk

Buttermarkt (Targ Maslany) a historical square in Gdansk

The Danzig Philatelist.

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  • Andrzej Januszajtis : Buttermarkt (Targ Maslany) - a historical square in Gdansk

  • Ton Hulkenberg : Zahlungsanweisung from Postcheckamt Danzig used in Berlin

  • Ton Hulkenberg : An "Überroller" Postanweisung send from Danzig to Kohren - Sahlis

  • Malcolm Steward : An enquiry card from Wismar 18 August 1945

  • Bernd Marczinke : Transatlantic mail in 1849 from Danzig to Peru

  • G du B : The Danzig Lege - Thor railway station

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The Danzig Philatelist Nr. 42 - April - June 2017.

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