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Gallery » Danzig Report 112 - July, August, Septembet 2001 » The “Free City” 1807-1814


The road to Tilsit was bloody. Napoleon’s main forces marched eastward. The town of Friedland, on the river Alle, was the scene of a major battle that clinched the spring campaign of 1807 and brought Tsar Alexander to negotiations at Tilsit.

The city Council was redesignated as the Senate and the (‘ode Napoleon was introduced under the governorship of Jean Rapp, but with many concessions to the citizens of Danzig. A French garrison, supported by Polish troops, was stationed in the city and maintained firm military discipline on any civil law breakers. Rapp had the city fortifications improved and extended

Danzig, despite being a “Free City”, now entered a period of great privation. Her trade with England was prevented by the French Fleet, which attacked all ships irrespective of nationality, giving the port a bad name Expenses increased whilst the city’s income decreased Churches, monasteries and patricians had to supply silver for the smelting pot to satisfy the burden of debt.


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 112 - July - August - September - 2001, Page 19.

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