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Gallery » 2009 - January - December » The German Navy League

- Articles;
Deutscher Flottenverein: The German Navy League.
by Peter Rogers.
German Long-Range Civit Airplane Developments 1936-1943.
by Jim Grau.
APO Experiences in Germany.
by Benjamin R. Beede.

- News;
GPS Committees, Coordinators and Liaisons.
GPS Revenue and Expense Statement.

- Columns;
Collecting Warsaw Locals.
Letters to the Editor.
Mit Deutscher Post: Official Mail, Part 2.
New Issues.
President's Message.

- Departments;
Membership Report.

- German Philatelic Society;
Dedicated to the documentation, presentation, advancement of the stamps and postal history
of Germany and its related areas through education, study, research and services.

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Advertising Manager; Harold E. Peter, 37850 S. Golf Course Dr.
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The German Postal Specialist.
March 2009, Volume 60, No. 11, Whole No. 654.

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