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Danzig The Germania Burelage Issue.

Initially when the break occurred, the shift was only about 2 mm. This stamp from position 96 shows this
small vertical offset between the left "A" and "R" of "MARK". This offset progressed to about 9
mm as shown in the other examples on this page.

Position 96 showing the almost complete absence of an overprint due to the upward shift.
Position 86 showing the break between the "A" and "R" of "MARK" resulting in a double overprint.
Positions 87 & 97 showing the top stamp with a double overprint and the lower one without overprint.

The Michel catalog listed varieties showing the two values with double overprint (positions 86 & 87) and the two values without overprints (positions 96 & 97) which resulted from the break in the overprint Cliche in row 10.

The so called "Bridge" (Die Danziger Brücke) resulted while printing the 1 MARK overprints on stamps with lilac-grey burelage with points up when the 10th row of the overprint Cliche broke at position 96. This resulted in the upward shift of the entire row in the middle while the ends remained anchored. Possibly as
many as 36 sheets were printed with this interesting variety in the 9th and 10th rows.

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