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Gallery » The danzig philatelist 2007 » The Danzig Philatelist - 2007 Nr. 4 October - December

The Danzig Philatelist - 2007 Nr. 4 October - December.

To respect the copyright of the publisher, we will only show you the first page of this issue. If you are interested in the other pages kindly please contact the editor. However, we do provide a full table of contents:

1. Field Post Airmail Service(Luftfeldpost)
2. Danzig Registered Nachnahme
3. The Danzig 1934 WHW lottery postcards
4. Danzig ist Deutsch 'maximum cards'
5. Slow boats to and from China
6. More 'Fristverlägerungsstempel' covers
7. Insured Letters sent through the Polish Post in the Free City of Danzig

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