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Gotenhafen, Korridor & North Atlantic.
From the Beginning - - - to the End - - - 1938 - 1945.
Danzig's Westerplatte War extends around the World;

Danzig Report No. 92 - Gotenhafen Reprint: 

To supplement the exellent article on Gotenhafen by John Miskevich in DR No. 91, here are three photos on the subject made by German propaganda news services.

*-  First visit by Hitler to the city and port that he named after the Goths.
The date given is the 21st of September, 1939. Already the name of
the city has been replaced on the banner flying on the balcony.

*-  A view of the port of Gdynia / Gdingen / Gotenhafen that fell to the
Germans on 19 September 1939. (From the book by Rolf Bathe,
"Der Feldzug der 18 Tage; Chronik der polnischen Dramas".)

*-  Photo made during the fighting for the port city. The caption
states that "Gdingen is ours!".  (From the book by Hugo Landgraf,
"Kampf um Danzig".)

These propaganda books; published soon after the hostilities began, are a valuable source of illustrations.

Danzig Study Group U.S.A.
Danzig Report Nr. 155 - January - February - March - 2012, Page 10.

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