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Gallery » Danzig Report 156 - April, May, June 2012 » Hitler Reveals his Ambition in Memel

Hitler Reveals his Ambition in Memel :

Hitler shows the world that he really didn't mean what he told Prime Minister Chamberlain when he promised that Germany would seek no more acquisitions of territory. Above is the Memel quaside being overwhelmed by the Wehrmacht. Der Fueher's perfidy is exposed once again. The vision now brought to mind is that od the Prime Minister's waving worthless documents at the crowd of London, after flying home from meeting with Hitler and declaring that "Herr Hitler has assured me that he asks for no other territory after he absorbes Czechoslovakia" The Polish diplomats don't need more evidence than this to move ahead in a very cautions rate with "Herr Hitler".

Danzig Study Group U.S.A.
Danzig Report Nr. 156 - April - May - June - 2012, Page 5.

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