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Gallery » Danzig Report 157 - July, August, September 2012 » How the World of 1939 was Described at Danzig

Danzig Report Nr. 156.

Quarterly Publication of the Germany Philatelic Society.
Danzig Study Group, U.S.A.

Editors:  John & Betty Bloecher, Baltimote MD, USA.

Contributing Editors:
Ronny van Waardhuizen, Antwerp / Brasschaat, Belgium.
Burt Miller, Pacifica CA {Editor at Large}
Giles du Boulay, Aylesbury, UK.
Blaine Taylor, Townson, MD, USA.
Jo Ann Miller, Pacifica CA {DR Photograper}

Malcolm Steward, England.
Bernard A. Hennig, Chicago IL {Editor Emeritus}
Ernie Solit, Hyannis, MA, USA.
Donna Misiuda Kwiatkowska, Zoppot, Poland.

Ronny van Waardhuizen, Belgium.

Prof. Andrzej Januszajtis, Gdansk, Poland.
Museum Director Zdislaw Balewski, Gdansk, Poland.
Stanley Sterzewski, Gdansk, Poland.

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How the World of 1939 was Described at Danzig.

 The entire world was in a deep depression But Hitler has Germany's industries working overtime to catch up with military might of the great powers, blaming the Versailles Treaty, the communists, and the Jewish race in general for the conditions at home.  . . . 

Danzig Study Group U.S.A.
Danzig Report Nr. 157 - July - August - September - 2012, Page 2.

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