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Gallery » The Danzig Philatelist 2013 » Danzig - Michel 16 II on cover

Michel 16 II on cover.

A commercial cover send on 21 December 1920 from Danzig to Manchester.

Correctly franked 80Pf for the foreign letter rate with 16 x 5Pf.
'star provisional' stamps one of which has the variety of the original 30Pf Germania stamp
'arched foot of the first E in DEUTSCHES' found at pos. 12 (see overleaf for certificate).

This stamp variety is not valued on cover in Michel, only as a loose stamp mint or CTO,
so it must be considered as rare on cover.

The Danzig Philatelist.

To respect the copyright of the publisher, we will only show you the first page of this issue. If you are interested in the other pages kindly please contact the editor, you may click as well on this site on 'Membership', see 'The Danzig Study Group of the UK'.

1. GduB;  Michel 16 II on cover .
2. GduB;  Justice for Danzig ! Postal Propaganda between the Wars (part 14).
3. GduB;  The 125th Anniversary of the Baltic Seaside Health Resort at Brösen, Michel 259-261.
4. GduB;  Postal censorship in Poland in 1981/82 : Gdansk.
5. Feedback.

The Danzig Philatelist, 2013 nr. 25, January - March.

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