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Report No. 102

Editor: John H. Bloecher, 1743 Little Creek Drive, Baltimore, MD. 21207-5230 USA


Jan Feb March 1999

Danzig Postage Dues
The cover below, mailed from the railway station post office No.5, on September 13, 1920, illustrates the early Freie Stadt postage due procedures. It arrived in Koenigsberg on the 14th. with a large dark-blue 40 written across the face, indic ating that there was a 40-pfg charge to the recipient of the letter. Also, note that Michel #6 was issued on the same date as the cancel. A First Day Cover!

But why the blue 40-pfg charge, when there was 4 x 40=1.60 in stamps, and what is the squiggle at lower left? We turned to a Chicago collector who had considerable experience in Danzig philately, who explained the situation quite clearly. Meanwhile, test yourself before finding the answer on page 3.


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 102 - January - February - March - 1999, Page 1.

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