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Gallery » Danzig Report 98, 1998 » AUCTION #2-DR98


Danzig Report No.98 - AUCTION #2-DR 98

15. Lots will be mailed to successful bidders by insured mail. Postage & insurance shall be borne by the buyer.

16. The placing of a bid shall constitute acceptance of the foregoing conditions of sale. All bid sheets must be signed by the bidder.

17. Material for auctions should be sent to: Erik Nagel, Post Office Box 65, Taylors SC 29687


1. A 10% commission will be charged with a minimum of $0.25.

2. Lots must be described in full by the seller, including catalog number & value (Michel preferred), condition, faults, reserve (min. bid) if any. Lots should have a minimum bid of $1.00 or greater.

3. Lots that were received too late for the current auction will be processed for the next auction.

4 .For the protection of the seller, all material should be submitted to the Auction Manager (Erik Nagel) via insured or registered mail. The Danzig Study Group will not be responsible for any material not properly packaged or lost in mail.

5. Lots may be sent to the Auction Manager at any time. These lots will be scheduled at the Auction Manager’s discretion. For a large number of lots, correspondence is advised prior to sending.

6. Reserves are accepted but must be reasonable’ The Auction Manager has the right to reject any lot due to reserve.

7. Settlement will be made at the earliest possible time, normally four to six weeks to close an auction.

8. Unsold lots due to reserve or no bids will be returned at settlement. Postage and insurance to return lots will be charged to the seller (debited from remittance or billed to seller). A minimum charge of $1.50 will apply.

9. All profits from the auctions will be to the benefit of the Danzig Study Group.

10. The Auction Manager reserves the right to reject any lot for any reason.

11. Submitting material to the Danzig Study Group Auction shall constitute acceptance of all conditions noted for both sellers and buyers.


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 98 - January - February - March - 1998, Page 20.

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