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The booklets 

> ing up to $20 retail on the world market.” ( . . . obviously, not enough of us heeded this sound investment advice )

In Vol. III, No.2, P. 2 (October ‘54), I found a more interesting tidbit. It seems that a Joseph Goldberger, of Melbourne, Australia, joined the Booklet Society this month and the Editor says:

“Our new member, Mr. Goldberger, was a stamp dealer in Danzig in the days before 1938. He had advertised in booklets of the 1933-34 issues and is now interested in buying these booklets with his ad in them. Mr. Goldberger, who is still a stamp dealer, has offered to supply our members with current booklets of Australia.. .“

You will note that Goldberger’s ad is shown at the top of page 3 of your Report. Presumably he emigrated from Danzig as the political situation worsened and wound up in Australia. Unfortunately, I can’t find his name on any recent address lists, so quite possibly he’s no longer around.

One other bit of information: The Rogers catalog lists two Danzig booklets. The more confusing one is said to contain 1 each of panes 170b, 173h and 176b. The issue date is cited as 1925, and two subvarieties are listed:
“a. Cover: Black on brown, marked 2
b. Cover: Black on pink, marked 3”
It’s hard to determine which of the Michel listings these could be. The edition numbers are not at all like those listed.”

Many thanks to Ken Kloss for the above valuable information.

An update on our Zeppelin Addendum from Report No. 8, page 2, ha been received from Dr. Werner Bohne. This concerned a pair of Mi. 206II and 206’s on Roy Dodd’s 1929 Weltrundfahrt cover in which the #206 had a break in the left vertical frame, 2 mm from the top. The position was known to be at 42, and Werner reports that this “error” does not show up in his complete sheets nor in Schüler’s. Both agree that it isn’t an error but what might be called a “Druck zufälligkeit.” (A drop-out in printing rather than an error due to plate damage.)

A second update by Dr. Bohne concerns the long-running inquest into the Was 1st cover in our first Report. As you may recall, two different cancels were used on this cover. Werner reports that one of the cancels (Danzig a 1 f) was back-dated and will appear in the GPS Manual of forgeries in release No. 9. Needless to say, the Manual is an absolute must for every German collector, and much money can be saved by identifying the weeds before purchasing

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Danzig Report  Nr. 13 – January - February - March - 1977, Page 3.

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