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Gallery » Danzig Report 49 - October, November, December 1985 » Official envelope of the Volkstag—Danzig


Today we would say that the Nazis in Danzig prior to 1930 had the “blahs”. Not even Goebbels’ magic pen could transform this group into a triumphant band of “old fighters”, and having the NSDAP headquarters at Hundgasse 52 didn’t help the image. Its move on 3 January 1931 to Jopengasse 11 added room and prestige to the new offices. Party statistics show an increase from 800 members in June 1930 to 9,519 in December 1932. Forster’s personnel policies sank the hopes of many early party leaders. In March 1934 Hans Albert Hohnfeldt ran afoul of the Gauleiter. The senator for social affairs and former Gauleiter faced accusations by Forster and suffered a Gau party court conviction that forced Hohnfeldt out of all posts, party and Danzig itself. Forster persecuted him from afar and destroyed his new minor career in the Reichsleitung.

Although we have found no covers from Hundgasse 52, there are many from the Jopengasse 11 venue. As the 21.12.37 cover at the left shows, a purple handstamp of the sender’s address was sometimes struck on the front. The letter was overfranked since the rate was still 15 Pfg.

Cover at right was registered 9.4.35 and franked with the correct 30 Pfg. for 20—100 grams and the registry fee of 20 Pfg. Absender is typed on back.

Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 49 - October - November - December - 1985, Page 5.

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