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Gallery » Danzig Report 48 - July, August, September 1985 » A strongly recommended plan for a tour through


A strongly recommended plan for a tour through
the City of Danzig, From the railway station to the right through Stadt— graben, Elisabetliwall, and Dominikswall to the Hohe Ter (page 4) and Stockturm (page 4). By St. George’s Hall (page 5) trough the Langgasse Gate to the Langgasse with the Uphagen House (page 6) and the Town Hall (page 8). In the Laiigemarkt with tue Artushof, Stellens House, and the Neptune Fountain (page 12). trough the Grüne Tor (page 14), over the Lange Brücke (page 14), by the Brotbänkentor (through the arch on the left Brot bänkengasse with the English House (page 14), trough the Frauengate (Observatory on the left page 14) to St. Mary’s Church (page 16). From St. Mary’s Church trough kleine Krämergasse, to the 1-leilige Geistgasse (Holy Ghost Street), the Royal Chapel (Roman Catholic) and the English Church (page 20), to the Lange Brücke and the Krantor (Crane Gate) (page 20). Trough St. Johns Gate to St. John’s Church (page 22). Through St. John’s Street, I st and 2nd i)amm, to the Heilige (eistgasse, Korkenmaclier- und Jopengasse to the Zeug haus (Armoury page 22). Further trough the Große Scharmachier-, Kohilen- und Junkergasse to the Dominican Church, the Market Hall and St. Catherine’s Church (page 23). By the Great Mill (page 24) and the Schmiede gasse to the Holzmarkt across the Kohhenmarkt, Theatrend Armoury on left, returning to the Stockturm and the
Hohe Tor.


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 48 - July - August - September - 1985, Page 13.

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