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Gallery » Danzig Report 58 - January, February, March 1988 » Two ring cancel without year

> Zweikreisstempel (2-ring cancel) without year 

8. Postmans’ stamps ranged from the simplest name in a box to the more complex arched frame with the additional rectangle for the date:

9. Conclusions
Thru the use of acetate overlays, it appears that the Whiteside Theory concerning the 13 hour cancetlers is correct. Variations occur as the cancellers were replaced due to loss or damage. The validity date for the Zweikreisstempel has been extended to 1873. The construcion of the canceller itself will remain a mystery until one appears. It’s doubtful that two circular wheels in the center were used to change the day/month numerals because the wheel must contain 31 single or double digits (one per day), to create a 59mm diameter if dates were spaced at 6mm on center. This size would require extreme finesse in centering the numeral, or the edge of the next numeral would print (a condition which simply doesn’t exist). A more probable theory is shown at the right: the Removable Slug Theory, in which the day/line/month are changed each day by loosening a screw. This explains the missing lines between the numerals and how the line appeared under the month. The theory has its problems; such as, how did they keep from losing the numerals from the font box? Your input is welcome.

10. Finally To our friends in the Arge, we offer this study as a basis for a joint effort to produce a more detailed publication on the subject.

11. Bibliography
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Danzig Report  Nr. 58 - January - February - March - 1988, Page 35.

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