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Danzig had already begun to become involved in airmail by 1920. even though at first only to Denmark. the Netherlands and Great Britain. Airmail to Germany and other countries was also first permitted in 1921.

From the point of view of airmail commerce from Danzig one can quickly and firmly put Germany as the main destination above all others followed by Poland as the next most frequent. Also Memel is still well represented, whilst all, the remaining countries make but a small contribution.

Regarding commerce to Danzig, this is considerably lighter than that from Danzig. This is also dominated by Germany and Poland, whilst other countries are only rarely met with. Indeed it is worth noting here two letters from the USA. which reached Danzig in August and November 1940 respectively having of course been through the Censor. My observation puts traffic to Danzig as only 10% of that from Danzig.

I have endeavoured in many cases to use illustrations to save lengthy descriptions. I hope that Part One of “Airmail to and from Danzig” meets with the same interest as the previously published Part Two which dealt with Zeppelin mail, Glider mail, “D 0 X” mail and airmail of the Polish Post Office in Danzig. Part Two is still available.

Establishing prices for airmail stamps cannot be the job of this book. This applies to an even greater extent with airmail covers, as value can be different in every single case, according to cancellations, forwarding endorsements, particular handling and so on. and all these matters can influence the value greatly. Naturally the same often goes for “Michel Specialised” where the prices quoted for covers can only apply to “normal circumstances”.

Left: Oval Airmail Postmark Danzig 1.      Right: Danzig 1a. (See Danzig Report No. 56)


Danzig Report  Nr. 62 - January - February - March - 1989, Page 7.

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