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Gallery » Danzig Report 62 - January, February, March 1989 » The airmail forwarding endorsement handstamps


c) “Lloyd Ostflug GmbH”.

A similar handstamp exists on a card forwarded by airmail from Stoip. This has the text: “Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Flugleitung Stolp”

The card carries the arrival stamp “Danzig 5 k” of 11.6.1930 and the airport forwarding endorsement handstamp of Danzig 5. “Type II” (without full—stop at’ter the 5).

There is a circumstance when the postage stamps on sendings can be found cancelled with air company’ handstamps, when an item was delivered at the last moment before take-off, but when the Post Office for these had already closed. To come across such a case is indeed a very rare occurrence. Consequently any such handstamps genuinely used in this way are valued very highly.

The airmail forwarding endorsement handstamps
Just as in Germany the introduction of airmail forwarding endorsement handstamps was governed by Decree No. 632 of the Reichspost Ministry of 26.7.1921. so also these measures evolved in Danzig. The first forwarding endorsement handstamp was brought into use in Danzig on 15.8.1921 being a double—line:
“Mit Luftpost befördert                                             {“Forwarded by airmail
Flugpostamt Danzig 5.”                                           Airmail Post Office Danzig 5.”}

This endorsement is designated “Type I” as there was a wider one,.’Type II”, brought into use later. This is distinguished from “Type I” by a somewhat larger script and by the lack of a full stop after the “5”.

Within both these types are found further sub-types according to their different sizes. The following sizes have been recorded

Type I                                                  Type II
a) 58.5 x 12mm                              a) 67 x 16mm
b) 61.5 x 13.5mm                          b) 68 x 17mm
c) 62.5 x 13.8mm                           c) 72 x 17mm

However it is questionable whether these are true sub-types (i.e. completely different handstamps) or whether, simply, the different sizes are the product of wear and tear due to a flattening from continual pressure. Recorded usage dates of these sub—types is as follows

Type I                                                                Type II
a) from 21.7.1921                                        a) 24.9.1930
b) from 16.7.1925                                        b) from 1933 to 10.6.1934
c) from 1928                                                   c) 1.6.1934 to 19.9.1934

Besides those of Danzig 5 Post Office. Danzig—Langfuhr Post Office, in whose province the airport was situated, had a forwarding endorsement handstamp in its own right. This is also a double-line stamp in “Gothic”


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 62 - January - February - March - 1989, Page 18.

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