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In this Report: Studies of the Corridor Propaganda Mailings

Notes from the Editor:

>>> This Report was a long time coming! In 1981, Giles du Boulay sent copies of Corridor Propaganda cards, which were filed until another large group of slides arrived from Bill Ruh. The sporadic articles in the Specialist and Germania indicated that the time has arrived to consolidate all efforts. Also clear was the need for color, and we have complied with a half-dozen color prints. The result is that this material will take precedence over all other features in this issue, due to the extra expense.

>>> We’ll be back to normal in Report #68, with the additional “live” report from Gdansk. Bud Hennig and the Editor will be exploring the Old City from May 15th until the 19th, before stopping in Berlin. We hope to gather photos and reports on the Post Offices, the Great Synagogue site, what’s left of the old fortifications, etc., as well as the more familiar architectural sites.

>>> Please feel free to make use of the Police Pass (below) when you visit the Danzig area. Bill Ruh has lent us his, and he guarantees safe passage if you use it. Bill says that you shouldn’t be alarmed if the customs folks come at you with rubber gloves during their inspection. If there develops any problem, contact the Editor for Bill’s address and phone number.


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 67 - April - May - June - 1990, Page 2.

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