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On 19 September Hitler made his triumphant entry into Danzig end on the next day he made a speech at the Artushof promising that Danzig would always remain German.

The affidavit below serves as a grim reminder of how that promise soon turned to ashes. It is a sworn statement act i rig as a death certificate probably made on t for go let i yes in Danzig . Thee 5OPf revenue s tamp is very rare • oven more so on a complete document: according to the Erler catalogue this stamp can only be found in the state archives

Sworn statement

Criminal Investigation Police Dept. 126                               chariot tenburg, 6.12.43

Due to an air z’aid on 22.11.43 the house No.11 Gatschke street, charlottenburg was burnt down. In this house lived the widow Eljse Herrmann, maiden name Gotthardt, born 12.12.71 in Klemnitz, and she died in the fire and collapse of the house. The body was burnt beyond recognition, however it is possible to say, due to property found nearby, that it was the body of widow Ilerrnsa.nn. This is given here in evidence.

Stamp: Chief of Police
in Berlin 126 Dept.
of Police.
Identical to the original copy, Danzig. 13 December 1943


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 68 - July - August - September - 1990, Page 15.

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