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Danzig-Polish Post Office Dispute 1925 | den Danzig -- polnischen Poststreit

if he deem it necessary, refer the matter to the Council of the League of Nations. The two parties retain the right of appeal to the Council of the League of Nations."

The Court has no doubt that the principles laid down in its Opinions Nos. 8 and 9 as to the final character of decisions under international law, apply to any final decision under the aforesaid provisions.

This point is not contested by the parties, although Poland maintains that there may be exceptional cases in which even a. final decision can be reconsidered by the High Commissioner or the Council of the League of Nations.

The point now at issue is only whether there is in force a decision to the effort that the Polish postal service at the port of Danzig is restricted to operations within its premises in the Heveliusplatz and that the use of such service is confined to Polish authorities and offices.

It appears from the documents submitted to the Court that both parties mainly rely in their arguments upon three documents, viz., the decision of May 25th, 1922, the decision of December 23rd, 1922. and the High Commission’s letter of January 6th, 1923.

* * *

An appeal was brought by Poland before the Council of the League of Nations against the decision of General Haking of May 25th, 1922. On August 30th of the same year, in consequence of the interpretation given by the High Commissioner of certain points of his decision, the appeal was withdrawn. The decision so interpreted became therefore final and binding and is actually in force. It remains to be seen whether it covers the points now in dispute.

The decision was given in consequence of submissions made by the parties under Article 240 of the Warsaw Agreement of October 24th, 1921, which reserved for the decision of the High Commissioner, Inter  alia the following points relating to the Polish postal

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(1) Translation prepared by the Registry. The original German text is reproduced hereafter.

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