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Gretle's Correspondence.

Malkom Steward has a second contribution, as we see here. This is a postal card sent by a young woman names Gretle. Her discription of Danzig is during the last few months of Nazi occupation and invation by the Sovjets. This mailwas from late January, 1945. Gretle's relatives received the card in their town Zerbst Anhalt. It read;...  or

All the four Danzig study groups are now represended on the Webste, thanks to the hard work of Ronny van Waardhuizen and his son, Reginald.
Dealers auction houses, and publications are available, as well as information on joining any of these groups.
Thanks to the van Waardhuizens for their volunteerism !

Danzig Report 139, 2008, Page 21.

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