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2008 ... Another Danzig Year. 

We can see a long line of Danzig Reports rolling off the printer, which is now in great shape, although it held up the mailing of DR-139 for a few weeks. With all of the new parts installed, our Ricoh is like a new unit. Now we can concentrate on this copy of DR-140, with its look at Danzig's experience with Zeppelins. The Report after this one will bring a special article by author Blaine Taylor on Pilsudski and his challenge against Hitler during the destroyer Wicher Incident of 1932. Was a preemptive strike against Berlin in the cards ?
We welcome Blaine as a regular contributor, a valuable addition to our staff of experts. In addition to writing hardbound books on the Third Reich, he has offered to write special articles for us about the situation in Danzig and Poland. There is much to report about the pre-war days and how they affected the design and production of postage stamps.
The Smithsonian Magazine's Letters page states that, aside from the 'whole nine yards' meaning the 27-foot machine gun belts that were carried by gunners on the Flying Fortresses over Europe during WW-2, another theory states that the slogan originated in the fabric trade. Arnold Wilson of Menlo Park CA says that the standard bolt of cloth was nine yards. When a buyer took the "whole nine yards," there would be no remnant, which a merchant might have trouble selling. This could be the point of origination.

Danzig Report 140, 2008, Page 2.

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