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Gallery » Essays, Proofs and Unissued Stamps » Free City Danzig; Proofs and Unissued Values

Free City Danzig - Essays, Proofs and Unissued Values.

- 5 Mark proof of red color with gray rosette undhermark on vertical watermarked paper (Wz. 2X).

Partial, single color, proofs.

- 20 Mark, proof on the red color with gray rosette underprint on verrical watermarked paper (Wz. 2X).
- 20 Mark, black proof of the red colr on plain ungummed paper.
- 5 Mark, bluish-green on horizontal watermarked paper (Wz. 2Y) without underprint.
- Black proof of 20 Mark background on plain ungummed paper.
- Probably printers waste, with shifted blue color with gray rosette underprint and horizontal watermark (Wz. 2Y) imperforate.

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Added: 24/09/2008
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