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Gallery » Danzig Gruppen » Danzig - Nyt 1996
Danzig Gruppen was established on the 7th of October 1990 in Næstved (A small city in the Southern part of Zealand) in connection with a National stamp exhibition.

From the start 32 members were registered. Among these were collectors from Sweden, Norway and Iceland. Later the number of members increased to 92. From the start it was decided that Danzig Gruppen to be a group of collectors from The Scandinavian Countries (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Faeroe Islands and Denmark).

Also it was decided that the group should have a quarterly magazine; named Danzig Nyt covering articles on stamps etc. from Danzig, The Baltic States and Poland.

During the 11 years lifetime of Danzig Gruppen more than 50 issues of Danzig Nyt was send out to the members and associated clubs, as well as 7 special issues covering different items i.e. “Innendienst issues”, postal history, “slanted overprint issues”, faked and back-dated cancellations, a translation of Tom Hulkenberg “Advertising stamps”, Historical events in the Baltic Countries and Danzig, Postal rates for Danzig incl. Zeppelin Flights, etc.