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1. Nordamerikafahrt 1936, LZ 129 Hindenburg, (Flz.122/1223).

Veedol-Werbekarte "On Board..." mit dekorativer MiF 50 Pfg Zeppelinmarke und May 9.1936.
- World's largest Zeppelin selects tide water Lubricants.
The four Diesel engines of the Hindenburg, capable of developing 1200 hp., are Tide Water lubricated. Not all lubrication problems are as complex as that of protecting the engines of the world's largest Zeppelin, but the innerent qualities that make this Tide Water lubricant the choice for the Hindenburg alsi insure maximum safety to your power plant. Tide Water provides a complete line of lubricants scientificaly engineered for every industrial need.

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