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Luposta 1932, Danzig, Ronny van Waardhuizen.


Translator's Notes;
Dear American and English-speaking friends:
The following translation has been done in free style, and with the kind permission of the Plblisher, Mr. Hans G. Mencke. If some characteristic words, lines or expressions are not translatet in the exact, proper way, please don't shoot the pianist, as English is not my mother's Language. I try to give with this a contribution to all non German-speaking friends and collextors.
With kindest regards,
Ronald J. van Waardhuizen Antwerp, Belgium.
Arge Danzig - Germany.
INFLA Berlin - Germany.
Germany Philatelic Society - USA.
Danzig Study Group - USA.

Editor's Notes;
Hans George Mencke has produced a superb study of the Luposta Exhibition, und we are happy that he has allowed his work to be accessible to philatelists who have difficulty reading German. We are also thankful to him for lending his 35mm slides of the covers, stamps and special blooklets in order to give us a langer, clearer print of the illustration.
Ronny van Waardhuizen is also to be congratulated for the excellent translation of the text, as well as for prints of additional material. Without these important contributions, this study wouldn't exist.

John H. Bloecher Jr.
Baltimore, Maryland USA.
Danzig Report.
Danzig Study Group.
Germany Philatelic Society - USA.

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