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Gallery » Luposta - Ronny van Waardhuizen » Luposta 1932, Promotion of the Exhibit

Free City Danzig, Luposta 1932, Promotion of the Exhibit.

The Exhibition management and the Publisher designed special stationery and envelopes for their correspondence.
In the course of the preparation, three promotions were published: No. 1 in November 1931, Nr. 2 in April 1932, and No. 3 in June 1932. The Title pages showed colurful publicity proposals, as in No. 1's showing the wellknown Luposta symbol. The design, symbolizing two airplanes above the Marienkirche, was developed in red and blue by the artist Fritz Heidingsford from Danzig. Each issue contained necessary indications, such as the Exhibition events.

The composition of the jury, chosen from 150 persons of the existing committee, with notables from Danzig and several European countries, including some gentlemen from Warsaw, as Poland was also represented on the jury. Next to the Senate was also a high commisioner of the People's Alliance, Count Gravina, who put himself at the disposal of the committee of Honor, and also most of the General Consuls and Consuls who were seated in Danzig. Of course, there ware famous philatelists such as Borek from Braunschweig, Dr. Dub. of Idar-Oberstein, Dr. Kalckhoff of Berlin, and H.E. Sieger of Lorch, the publishing house Senf-Leipzig and Zumstein-Bern. Besides many others, you could find Prof. Schütte, Berlin previously from the Technical University of Danzig, the constructor of the "Schütte-Lanz-Airship. Futhermore, seventeen states of the world were "Foreign Delegations of Honor of Luposta".

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