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Promotion of the Exhibit, Luposta and Special Stamps.

The printing was made by the Postprinting Office in Danzig.

The middle panels, estpcially those with the 10 und 15 Pf. values, were fairly well centered. Where the plates misregistered, the white spaces were corrected with pencil lines. In the 10 Pf. stamps we can find al double print of the "O" and the "l" in the word "Oliva". Moreover, we can also find 10 Pf. stamps with double printing. Both of these anomallies are in the Michel catalog as 231 DP und 231 DD. The violet tones of the 15 Pf. stamps are very hard to discern. The black and black-gray colors on the middle panel are more decisive.

*- Typical of this of stamps in the retouching done with a black grease pencil in order to fill in the spaces left when the black center plate mis-registered (#231).

*- Page with the quadruple block of the 10 Pf. stamps. At the right top corner is the double printed Oliva at Field 42. Michel # 231 DP.

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