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Gallery » Danzig Report 151 - july, August, September 2010 » Lageplan Weichselmünde Neufahrwasser

Lageplan Weichselmünde Neufahrwasser.

On the observation balcony at the top of the 'new' 1894 Lighthouse; Westerplatte is across the river; Munitions Inlet is in center; Baltic is on horizon.

An uncaptioned photo* that appears to be the only one available of the lighthouse machine-gun nest, later hit by a shell from 75 mm field gun
that was modified after capture of Russian at Tannenberg, 1914.
* from 'Wojna zachzele sie na Westerplatte' by A. Drzycimski & Stanislawa Gornikiewicz.

Danzig Report Nr. 151.

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