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Gallery » Danzig Report 109 - 2000 » First Provisional Issue of Danzig


Report No. 109

Editor: John H. Bloecher, 1743 Little Creek Drive, Baltimore, MD. 21207-5230 USA

October, November, December 2000

First Provisional Issue of Danzig

Quite Unusual Is The Michel 15BK I, Inverted Frame

Duke Day has been studying and collecting the first 15 issues of Danzig culminating in this review of the 1920 Frcie Stadt stamps. Michel 1 - 15. Here’s Duke’s story:

Some time in early 1920, the German State Printing Office IReichsdruckereil in Berlin received orders to overprint current deuinitives for use in the Free City of 1)anzig. IL was decided that the overprint would consist of the word oniq in Gothic letters, placed on fifteen values of the Germania series. The overprint ink was to he black. Both the Michel and Scott catalogs numbered these stamps No.1 thru 15. The set is identified as Danzig’s First Provisional issue,with most stamps being issued on 14 June 1920.

(Continued on Page 3)

Figure 1- The author’s copy of Michell5 81(1, with in verted frame of original German #97Bh from 24Januaiy 1916. Overprint with broken indicates that the plate position is FeId3. Peif is 25:17.


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 109 - October - November - December - 2000, Page 1.

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