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Figure 7 - Markings on this wrapper indicate that it once housed 20 sheets of the 5 Mark stamp that had been overprinted at the Berlin Reichsdruckerei. The HAN Number is listed as B-BH 3376. and the face value of the packed stamps totals 2.000 Marks. Package was mailed to the Oberpostdirektion in Danzig,on the Winter Platz.

Overprint Ink Studies
Scientific examination of the stamp reveals that the ink used br the overprint was a matte black, the same ink as used on all the stamps in the First Provisional Issue, with the exception of Michel No. 14 (the 4-Mark value), which hears a greenish-black hue under high magnification and a keen eye.

I have discovered an interesting situation regarding the three listed HAN numbers (Printing 0111cc Job Numbers). Over the years, I have purchased a dozen H3376.20 panes from various sources, but have not found one sheet of the (cheaper) H4136.20 panes.European writers have also been searching for 113374.20 without luck. Referred to in early literature on the subject, and, indeed, postal records indicate that 3374.20 had been printed, hut no one seems to have one. Is it a myth?

Michel reports that 318,600 of the 5-Mark stamps were overprinted and issued on June 14, 1920, remaining valid until Sept, 1922. Originally intended for payment of charges on parcels and special services, by the time of its demise, basic services exceeded five marks. Inflation raised the foreign letter rate from 5 to 10 Marks.


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 109 - October - November - December - 2000, Page 11.

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