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Gallery » Danzig Report 150 - January, February, March 2011 » Germany Learns to live with the Versailles Treaty

Germany Learns to live with the Versailles Treaty:

*- A quartet of stamps from 1914 wich are typical of private-printing by sponsers of flight competition by clubs and others, who arranged for pioneer flights by daredevil aviators of early years of the Twentieth Century.
Danzig Ostmarkenflug - 1914.
*- A pilot on the Berlin - Stettin - Danzig route awaits his F-13's readiness for the return of his Danziger Luftpost flight in 1923.
*- Langfuhr's primitive airport from 200 meters & the seaplane 'base' at Putzig, ready for its mail pickup in a Junkers F-13 on pontoons.
*- A Junkers F-13 mail plaine makes a safe landing at Langfuhr airport. An old, pilot, long ago, once said that "Any landing that you walk away from is a good landing". Wich may apply to this landing.

Danzig Report Nr. 150 - 2011, page 11.

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