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Gallery » The Danzig Philatelist 2013 » Danzig - Postal propaganda between the wars

Justice for Danzig !

Postal propaganda between the wars, Danzig is German, and wishes to belong to germany . . . (part 15)

The Danzig Philatelist.

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1. G du B: Justice for Danzig ! Postal Propaganda between the Wars (part 15)
2. G du B: Daposta Double Circle Type II cancels in GREEN
3. Bernd Marczinke: Danzig-Troyl Prisoners of War Camp: Some new discoveries
4. Ton Hulkenberg: An Identity Card for the perchage of special postage stamps from Zoppot
5. Malcolm Steward: An unlisted Municipal Fees Stamp

6. G du B: The Do X in Danzig July 1932

7. Feedback

The Danzig Philatelist Nr. 27, 3rd Quarter 2013

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