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Gallery » Danzig Report 102 - January, February, March 1999 » Part II -- Perfins of the City of Danzig in Germany, 1897 to 1920


Part II -- Perfins of the City of Danzig in Germany, 1897 to 1920

On the following chart perfins are tabulated and described found on perfinned German stamps with a Danzig cancellation, used prior to June 14, 1920. The perfins will be described with both an ArGe Lochungen number and the Perfin Club number.

The key to the columns describing the perfins of the City of Danzig in Germany from 1897 until 1920 are:
#1 a number to differentiate different lines of information
# 2 the Pcrfin Club and ArGe Lochungen number
# 3 the height(s) of the pcrfin(s)
#4 the number of holes in each perfin and a period after the number if the perfin is followed by a period
# 5 earliest date of use within the time period, by year
#6 The latest date of usc within the time period. by ‘ear. A “+“ follows if the perfin continued to be used in the Free City
#7 Recognized by (L) ArGe Lochungen. (D) ArGe Danzig. (P) Perfins Club USA. (S) Sekowski’s catalogue
#8 Positions reported, x = not reported, o = horizontal or vertical, positions 1 to 8
#9 Remarks, name of the firm if known and diagonal status.

The following perfins have been recognized in an ArGe Danzig bulletin, the Sekowski catalogue or W. Sinetsers for ArGe Lochungen, new information. More information is sought so it can be added to the Lochungen Katalog and Perfins Club worksheet. A preliminary ArGe Lochungen designation has been assigned aiid is followed by the number of holes, year date and any remarks.


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 102 - January - February - March - 1999, Page 26.

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