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Figure 5  is a registered cover to Berlin with the second type of label, again dated 1923. Same size and color as the first, the type face was changed to a lighter variety. Some of this type have been known to have been printed se tenant. The above label was nicked by the cancellation.

The above cover to Warsaw shows the last of the 1923 labels, with larger size type, but in the extra-bold style of Figures 3 and 4. The catalog calls the color blue-green, but our example has faded considerably. Note that is Perf. 10 while the others are imperforated. Sheets were available with 33 labels (3 x 11), each label measuring 30 x 65 mm.

Referring to Figure 1 again, the catalog calls that Roman-style type face in a 15 x 38 mm. box frame “black type on green paper”. Our example appears to have no color in the paper. Again, the catalog date is 1925, much after the inflation era.

A different Luftpost label, not listed in the 1947 French catalog is shown below in Figure 7. It consists of black type on canary yellow paper and appears often on covers.

Figure 8 indicates the ubiquitous blue label as used on a cover to Vienna in the year 1932. This cover is an interesting story in itself, as seen from its back-stamps.


Danzig Report   Nr. 4 – Summer - 1975, Page 5.

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