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Gallery » Danzig Report 14 - April, May, June 1977 » HISTORY OF DANZIG'S MAIL AND POSTAL CANCELLATIONS


(Continued from Report #13)

In 1820 Danzig used kidney-shaped (26-27.5 min long x 15 mm high) cancellations, with the placename following the curvature of the bow shape and the date in a straight line under the name.

Zoppot used, in 1827, a 2-line horizontal cancellation with letters 3 to 4 mm high and the date in numbers below them.

A Danzig one-ring cancellation (diameter 17 to 22 mm) with the date 6.8.1827 (August 6) in the middle is known, as is also in Hochzeit and Stutthof with the proper inscriptions. About 1830, Danzig used a similar cancellation (diameter 18.5 to 20 mm) with the hour behind the placenaime. About 1840, Danzig had a one-ring cancellation (diameter 20 to 27 mm) with the time below the date, a 2-ring cancellation (diameter 21.5 to 24.5 mm) with the hour on the bottom between the concentric circles.

Figure 12: Danzig letter to London, 29 April 1843, via Hamburg.


Danzig Report  Nr. 14 – April - May - June - 1977, Page 2.

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