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Gallery » Danzig Report 24 - July, August, September 1979 » Plate Varieties of Danzigs First Air Mail Issue

Plate Varieties of Danzigs First Air Mail Issue

A (a) - Broken vertical struts on the right ( and split wing support over the fuselage. Third rib from right is also damaged at leading edge. (Field 63, Sheet 2)

B (b) - Break occurs thru all right vertical struts, wing supports, prop base and dis appears after affecting struts and ribs on left. Trailing edge of right upper wing and one rib are damaged. Bulge appears over fuselage. (Field 23, Sheet 1)

C (c) - Right vertical strut broken and remnant is twisted into “s” shape. Damage ( to lower right wing tip and one rib. (Field 22, Sheet 2)

D (d) - Right strut broken thru at 0.5 rum to 1 mm above lower wing. No other damage. (Fields 32 and 73, Sheet 1; Fields 13 and 20, Sheet 2)

E (e) - Break occurs thru all right struts, wing supports, prop base and continues thru 1 mm square notch in upper left wing tip. Trailing edge of upper right wing and one rib damaged. (Field unknown)

F (f) - Upper left wing tip has a minor break. (Field unknown)

G (g) - Lower right wing tip has a missing line, 1.5 mm long. Strutis also shortened One copy also shows a blunt “6” on the top of the right numeral. (Field 34, Sheet 1)

H - (Not in original article; see cover) Upper trailing edge and one vertical strut are separated by  1 mm hole. (Field unknown)


Danzig Report  Nr. 24 - 3rd Quarter 1979, Page 3.

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