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Gallery » Danzig Report 31 - April, May, June 1981 » CAUTION!!! FORGED OVERPRINTS AHEAD!


In 1979, Dr. Bohne discovered two additional overprint forgeries, which were printed in the German ARGE bulletin and later in the GS Forgery Manual. We are grateful to Werner for his help in this section on forgeries.

Type XI
1. Top of “g” is flat and not flared to the right.
2. Left foot of “n” is concave
3. Oval inside of “a” is too narrow.
4. The Rasterbalken (horizontal bar with screen) is almost solid at bottom.
5. The dots formed by the screen appear to run horizontally instead of on a slight incline.

Type IX
The angular structure of this overprint as well as the solid bar are obvious. For comparison with a genuine overprint, see next page.

Danzig Report   Nr. 31 - April - May - June - 1981, Page 5.

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