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Constitution Commemorative Issue Anomalies of the 1, 3 and 10 Mark Issues

An interesting and well known anomaly in the Kogge issue is the “Kogge im Feuer”, No. 581. The position is Field 10, but note the same position in the block at the left: there is no plate defect!

The pair at the left are Fields 19 & 20, showing the short top stroke of the “5” to be constant in Field 20.

The single lMk stamp indicates “Feuer”, but this time St. Elmo’s Fire is the culpret on the mainsail.

The 3Mk shows “13” instead of 15.XI.1920 on the shield. The top lONk is a victim of paper folds during printing. The center lOMk has the broken “2” in the 1920 date.

Die proofs of frames printed in black ink on white wove paper.


Danzig Report  Nr. 42 - January - February - March - 1984, Page 12.

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