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Air fieldpost stamps
During the second world war numerous troop units were issued with air fieldpost permit stamps, which were to be used partly for communication to the homeland from the front but also partly in the opposite direction from home to the front. Thus it is self-evident that these permit stamps occur also with cancellations of Danzig or places within the Free State. Indeed it is quite probable that covers received at the front have survived, although these would be a relatively trivial amount compared to those going the other way, which is easily understandable from the situation at the front. The airmail collector should look for these assiduously, as such covers from Danzig will only rarely pass before his eyes.

Postal stationery with airmail stamp imprints
Privately printed postal stationery cards were produced on the occasion of the stamp exhibitions held in Danzig in 1932 and 1937, bearing the following airmail stamp imprints

No. 1     10 Pf.    red, imprint of airmail stamp serial No. 26 (Michel No. 202)

On the occasion of “Luposta 1932” (International Airmail Exhibition), in the left half of the face of the card the Luposta logo with legend in three languages.

No. 2    10 Pf.     red, imprint of airmail stamp serial No. 31 (Michel No. 251)

On the occasion of “Daposta 1932” (Danzig Postage Stamp Exhibition), in the left half of the face of the card the arms of Danzig and legend. 5000 copies of this card were issued.

Special stamps for Luposta
Although we are strictly only dealing with airmail stamps here, the special stamps commissioned for the occasion of Luposta should still be listed here. at the time of Luposta they were very frequently used on airmail sendings of all kinds and particularly on postal sendings by Zeppelin. An airmail collector should willingly devote a space for them in his collection.

July 1932

Special issue for the International Airmail Exhibition in Danzig from 23rd to 31st July 1932. As per Michel Nos. 207— 211 with new value plus surcharge of the same value and Airmail Exhibition overprinted.

Serial No.                Michel No.                         Value                               Colour
1                                        231                              10 + 10 Pf                      Olive/black
2                                        232                              15 + 15 Pf                       Purple/black
3                                        233                              20 + 20 Pf                       Blue/black
4                                        234                              25 + 25 Pf                       Lilac red/black
5                                        235                              30 + 30 Pf                       Brown/black

There were 52,000 issued of each stamp.


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 62 - January - February - March - 1989, Page 14.

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