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Zeppelin mail 1929

S/HS [=Special handstampj

23    Flight to the Orient 25 - 28 March.
120 letters and 101 postcards were dispatched from Danzig. Special stamps occur as either a red lilac gummed label or as a metal handstamp, both being of somewhat similar design.

23c   Drop over Athens.

24   Mediterranean flight 23 — 25 April.  S/HS
86 letters and 76 postcards were dispatched from Danzig.

26 I     First flight to America 16 -17 May. S/HS
The first attempt was unsuccessful due to engine failure which resulted in an emergency landing in Cuers (France). Mail from this first part of the flight also received a special, single—line handstamp in red “Beförderung verzögert wegen Abbruchs der 1.Amerikafahrt” [Transportation delayed due to interruption of the first flight to America]. 149 letters and 171 postcards were dispatched from Danzig.

26 II     First flight to America 1 — 5 August. S/HS
In the event there was a considerable delay before the flight could be continued. Mail delivered for the second start received the same special stamp as that delivered for the first. For this start an additional 69 letters and 60 cards were dispatched. These were not of course endorsed with the special “delay” handstamp.

30     Flight round the world 7 August - 4 September. SillS
On this flight the following were dispatched from Danzig
a) to Tokio                            5 letters,                            14 postcards,
b) to Los Angeles .            5 letters,                            4 postcards,
c) to Lakehurst                   26 letters,                         34 postcards,
d) on the round trip        10 letters,                         18 postcards.

This is of special interest for collectors of Danzig Zeppelin covers as during the round the world flight.on 15th August there was a drop of mail over Danzig. The 23 items found comprised 22 postcards and 1 letter, which were forwarded on with the airmail handstamps “Danzig la” of 15.VIII.,3-4N and “Danzig 5” 4-5 N. on the same day. Most of these items were addressed to Danzig.

41    Flight to the Netherlands 12 — 13 October.
10 letters and 6 postcards were dispatched from Danzig.

42     Flight to the Balkans 15 — 16 October.
7 letters and 19 postcards were dispatched from Danzig. The arrival handstamp “Bucuresti Par Avion” was always applied in red.

43     Flight to Silesia 17 October.

44     Flight to Spain 23 — 24 October.
29 letters and 27 postcards were dispatched from Danzig.

48     Flight to Böblingen.
On this flight was forwarded some Danzig mail for Romania that for some reason failed to make a connection with the flight to the Balkans. The oval arrival stamp “Bucuresti Par Avion” is always found in black on these items.


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 64 - July - August - September - 1989, Page 13.

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