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Gallery » Danzig Report 64 - July, August, September 1989 » Danzig and Catapult mail from Bremen and Europa


For those sendings which despite catching the feeder flight from Cologne to Cherbourg do not manage to reach the steamer “Bremen” there will still be a time gain of 3 days. Transmission of those sendings that do go on the catapult flight will be expedited by a further half day or so.
Sendings which are forwarded on the catapult flight will be endorsed with a special handstamp with the legend “Deutscher 1. Catapultflug Dampfer “Bremen” — New York” together with a date stamp.
For and on behalf of Nordmann.”

From this decree there follows for the collector the possibility of collecting Danzig catapult flights in 3 groups
1) Only catapult mail itself,
2) Feeder flights and catapult mail,
3) Only feeder flights.

Even though the first official participation of Danzig was planned for 4th September (with the actual departure on 10.9.1929), there are still sendings which were forwarded prior to this date which can be classified as “forerunners”. These are from the following catapult flights

1) Flight “Bremen” - New York 22.7.1929
Over 70 items were handed over in Danzig for this flight. But it can be seen from the return journey that almost on all pieces the endorsement about transmission by catapult mail was crossed out and they probably reached America by the normal routes. On only two items has it hitherto been clear from their markings that they actually did go on the catapult flight. These items received in addition to the


Danzig Report  Nr. 64 - July - August - September - 1989, Page 22.

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