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I have also included a cover with a pair of 30 pf stamps, including #1851., with the blunt-nosed “3”. Again, just for your interest. I had not heard of or seen the blunted 20 on #183 before. Now I have something else to look for. It never ends!

Regarding Bill’s note about Michel #5 being used for #261, 411 and 4111, the word DANZIG is a different color and density of Black than the 1 11k overprints (at least is on all of the copies that I have.). Also, on almost all of the issues you can see that the Burlage was printed over or on top of the word DANZIG. I don’t think that there is’ any question that they were all printed on Michel Nr. 5. I do not believe that additional 3Opf Germanias were printed with burlage and then overprinted “DANZIG” and then overprinted again with “MARK 1 MARK”. I think that his 30 pf with burlage was simply an essay of a possible other issue that was never printed on that stamp, such as the Schrägdrucke issue or the first airmail.
Burt Miller
Pacifica, CA

The 1989 Michel Specialized Catalog
A most pleasant surprise awaits the English-speaking readers and users of the 1989 Michel Deutsch1and—Specia1—Katalog an eight-page insert with five pages of operating instructions, written in English. Yes, it’s even understandable by Americans. Although the German Postal Specialist recently ran a detailed article on the art of using Michel, you will probably find these fudamentals to be of value when using the catalog. We know that everyone knows everything about the catalog but us, but you never can tell that there may be some obscure hint of knowledge that you have overlooked. For instance, the prices are shown in Italics when there has been a significant flucuation, either up or down. On the following page is an analysis of some (not all) of the Danzig stamps in the 1989 Speecialized.


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 65 - October - November - December - 1989, Page 37.

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