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Gallery » Danzig Report 67 - April, May, June 1990 » Four Appeals to National Groups


Four Appeals to National Groups:
The multi—color cards shown on the preceding pages provided no identification as to the sponsor or the printer. They contained only a three-line verical divider and the standard address lines. Four different types of maps and messages were printed on these folded double cards: (1) to the United States, (2) to England, (3) to France, (4) to Italy. Each had at least two variaties.

Several used examples are enclosed, dated 28.2.33 to Italy and 10.2.33 to France, the earliest in this group. Bill Ruh exhibits a British-destined double card (Type 2) that had the bottom half mailed from Berlin on 25.2.33.

It is possible to determine the colors, even with black & white reproductions, by noting whether diagonal shading lines are present in the German/East Prussian sector. If lines run from S.W. to N.E. they are red in color; if there are no lines present, the color is solid apple green. Poland’s shading is normally a gray line running N.W. to S.E., but there are exceptions, in which the shading lines run from S.W. to N.E. This occurs in cards with the green color scheme that delineates Germany.

Earliest Corridor Propaganda:
Another of Bill Ruh’s contributions is a privately-printed cover (N) showing another example of Danzig propaganda. On the front, a map and copy indicate the size of the Free City arid the number and percentage of Germans in the census. This was mailed on 7.7.34 from Danzig-Langfuhr and contains three Mi. l93Dx stamps.


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 67 - April - May - June - 1990, Page 17.

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