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Gallery » Danzig Report 69 - October, November, December 1990 » Studies of the Original Cliches


F: It was necessary to use nails to mount the plates to the wood blocks; therefore, a cliche nail shows in the trough between the stamp metal walls. Also, the closeup shows the damage done to the swastikas on plate D.

G: We fabricated a Haus Auftrags t’ummern of HAN 1137, which appears on all sheets of the Michel series 276 to 280.

H: A corner of the Mercury cliche block C (Michel 277) with tiny initials (of M. Buchholz, the engraver?), which appears on the corner of each stamp. Also, note that the protective line curves from the side and runs around the bottom of the cliche, but it is ground down at the bottom so that it won’t print.

I: The second cliche CD), with the protective line at the side. It will show up at the right side of the stamps.


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 69 - October - November - December - 1990, Page 7.

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