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What’s New in Old Gdansk?

Nothing is as Constant as Change

Here’s your update with what’s going on in Gdansk. This year’s trip started with some positive goals and with the help of Danzigphiles Boston Ernie Solit, Donna Misiuda, Wiadyslaw Dziemiadzuk, Professor Andrzej Januszajtis, Edward Radas, Aleksy Nowaczynski and other fine citizens of Gdansk, we are happy to bring the latest news. The most conspicuous change is shown at the left: the Stockturm is now sporting its new spire, which had been missing since the battle of March, 1945. We had seen scaffolding on the roof of the building for the last four years, and the tower was lifted into place early in 1992. As usual, the Polish reconstruction group has done a magnificent job in going back to the original design and color.

One other unfinished building is the Hauptbahnhof, which is still missing a roof on the northern shed, although it is difficult to even notice. From a southeastern perspective, this roof isn’t visible and the building looks exactly like its prewar image.


Danzig Report Nr. 76 - 3rd Quarter 1992, Page 1.

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