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Gallery » Danzig Report 79 - April, May, June 1993 » Correspondence to London 1587


It is now 16 February. The above is a copy since I received your letter of 13 December by way of Signor Guillermo Bartelofy, to which there is little to reply, because it is a copy of the other, and so the above serves as my reply in default of the above, and so I shall say in this what is necessary. This is, that as regards rye, it has become very dear at 45 florins a last. It seems to me that it is not sensible to buy now, but in May when they come from Poland they will bring a great quantity of rye. Since the “fury”, there has been almost a cessation of purchases, and in May there will not be so much demand and I think it will come to a better price. You can charter one or two ships and send them to me here with an order to buy and [Page 5) load, and I shall carry out your ordcr, and therc shall be no default.

As for hides, by the good information that I have, I tell you Sir that there are hides from Poland with the hair on, dried, and with the hair off for soles, dry and well prepared; there are large, medium, assorted and small, and this is in quantity. They cost, for with the hair still on, 45 groschen apiece, and the large ones from Prussia at 56 or 60 groschen apiece, and for shoes, dry, at 6, 7, 8 thalers apiece or 6 groschen a pound, and 35 groschen are a thaler. So please advise me afterwards of the kind that you want, with or without the hair on, dry or salted, and I shall then carry out the order, and to make no mistake I tell you this so as to serve you well the first time on notification. There is time to give instructions for everything, since it is still winter here with all waters frozen, even the sea, and it may well be the first of April before ships can sail here, so that you have plenty of time for everything.

I note the consignment and the taking in exchange, which is well. You may command me, and I shall always be ready, asking our Lord that He may be with you all.
Your servant
Antonio Lopez Serano

[Address) To the most magnificent Senor Bartolome Corsiny, my Master, in London

[Another hand]
+ 1587 [SEAL]                                                    from Danzig (Di Dansico]
10 April                                                                dated 16 February
Antonio Lopes Serrano                             Answered


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 79 - April - May - June - 1993, Page 16.

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