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(Illustration 5)

the feelings of a neighboring country, he said that it is almost impossible to depict a historic event or practice history without hurting certain people because every event causes unpleasant feelings for certain groups. He also didn’t understand why a battle of Poland against an ecclesiastical- political organization, that was fought 500 years ago, could hurt Danzig, which was then fighting together with Poland.

According to the diplomatic representative, the design for the stamps for the Polish post in the Free City of Danzig was made after a painting of Isaac van den Blocke from 1608 in the Red Hall of the townhall of Danzig. (Illustration 6) Only a small difference was made: On the original the meeting of the Polish and the Danzig merchant took place in front of the Artushof, while on the stamps the Krantor was depicted. This painting was probably not hurting Danzig: The hail where the painting was on the ceiling was used for official receptions of the senate! He wrote flurther that he couldn’t change the fact, that Danzig was in the 16th century, to be exact since 1569, part of the Polish state.


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 80 - October - November - December - 1993, Page 8.

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