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Gallery » Danzig Report 83 - April, May, June 1994 » Negotiations on the Green Line


Taudien said on 22 October that it was absolutely necessary to remove the mall box. If h did not receive an answer by 25 October, he would assume that the Polish post agreed with the removal of the mail box and that he would remove it carefully. He could not say if it was possible to rehang the box once the renovation was complete. The next day, the post said that they thought it impossible to renovate the building without first removing the mail box. They pointed out the well-known state of affairs with the Polish mail boxes and the negotiations concerning them which will soon be opened. Of course, Taudien wouldn’t interrupt these negotiations? One week later, on 30 October, the mailbox was removed by Taudien, wrapped up and transported to the post office at the Heveliusplatz by a driver of Taudien. He wrote that it was absolutely necessary to remove the mail box. Because the Polish post didn’t do it, he did it himself.
1927 - 1935: Negotiations on the Green Line

In the morning of 3 February, 1927, a new mail box was hung at the building of the Polish Trading Co., Ltd. at the corner of I Damm 22i23 I Breitgasse (number 11). In the same year, negotiat ions were started on technical matters concerning the post and how to carry out the decision of 19 September 1925, on the Green line. According to this decision, the three mail boxes that were outside the Green line had to be removed. These negotiations lasted for several years, without many results. The mail boxes stayed where they were, outside the Green line.

On 19 March, 1930, the Freie Stadt Danzig asked for a revision of the Green Line. In the decis ion of the Council of the League of Nations of 19 September, 1925, concerning the Green Line, it was stated that a revision could take place every five years. According to the senate, a reduction of the area covered by the Green line had to take place. The Komisarz Generalny replied that it was necessary to maintain the present situation. He threatened to increase the number of mail boxes within the Green Line by twenty mail boxes, in case the Polish post would be forced to remove the three mail boxes that were outside the Green line. The negotiations on the revision of the Green Line lasted for years, without any agreement between Danzig and Poland or the decision requested from the High Commiss ioner. The three mail boxes remained outside the Green Line.
1936 - 1937: Mail Boxes Moved

On 16 July, 1936, the Polish postal administration in Danzig wrote to the Landespostdirekt.ion of the Freie Stadt Danzig that some mail boxes would be moved. The box on the platform of the Hauptb ahnhof (number 8) would be rehung on the front side of the Vorortbahnhof (number 12); the box at the Hauptbahnhof (number 7) would be moved from the left of the main entrance to the middle pillar of the main entrance; and one of the mail boxes of the Heveliusplatz (number 9) would be moved to the building of the Bank Ludowy at Holzmarkt 4 (number 13, Illustration 12). All the changes took place within the Green line and the Freie Stadt Danzig could do nothing against the actions.

On 5 May, 1937, the Polish postal administration wrote to the Komisarz Generalny that they wanted to replace some mail boxes with a newer, bigger type, and that they wanted to move four mail boxes on May 22nd:

(1). The mail box (number 5) from the Polish Home at Walgasse 16 to the building at Altstädtischer Graben 93 (number 14).
(2). The mail box (number 6) to the building Stadtgraben 20 (number 15).
(3). The mail box at the entrance of the Vororthahnhof(number 12) to the building Milchkanneng asse 31-32 /corner Hopfengasse (number 16).
(4) The mail box of Reitbahn 4 (number 4) to Dominikswall 6 (number 17).
Also, the mail box at the Hauptbahnhof (number 7) was replaced by a neW, bigger one.

Because two of these mail boxes (Altstädtischer Graben and Stadtgraben, numbers 14 and 15) were placed outside of the Green Line, the senate sent a letter of protest to the Komisarz Generalny asking him to let the mail boxes be removed. The ,astiqcr 9lcuetc 9lncI;ricljtcn of 28 May 1937 reports that there were new mail boxes at the Stadtgraben, Altstàdtischer Graben and the Milchkannen


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 83 - April - May - June - 1994, Page 15.

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