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I have taken the liberty to number these boxes, mainly to keep my orientation correct. The upper left box is #1, the lower left box is #2 and then top to bottom as we move from left to right. When, in the Appendix we see 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, and 7/8, we are describing the position boxes. Another assumption that is not stated specifically is that the top of the stamp is ‘up” rather than inverted.

It is more likely that we will view a perfin against a dark surface from the reverse side of the stamp as the mirror image. The holes of the perfin will appear black against the white paper of the stamp and be easier to observe. Now the orientation is not as evident. Looking at the stamp from the reverse (as apposed to obverse or front) view would produce the following pattern.

Figure 4 shows how the reverse of Figure 2 appears. Figure 5 shows how the reverse of Figure 3 appears.

The ArGe Catalogue Number (B)

This number is divided into three parts. The first part of the catalogue number divides the perfin into one of four TYPEs as follows: A number followed by a period:
1. a single line
2. two or more lines
3. monograms
4. symbols

Following a number and period are the letters of the perfir in the order they appear. They are limited to the first three letters, numbers or the ampersand (&). These are followed by a comma. In the third part, similar perfins are given a number. Therefore, it is not necessary to reorder perfins if a new one is discovered that is slightly different from previously recognized ones. In this case, the next higher number is assigned.

The Perfin Study Groups

The addresses of the German and United States perfin study groups are as follows:

Arbeitsgeineinschaft Lochungen                                The Pefins Club
imBDPh e.V.                                                                             Mr. Floyd A. Walker, APS Rep.
Ltg. Dipi. Ing Man Fred Kinkel                                        P.O. Box 82
Wuppertalstrasse 73                                                           Grandvew MO 64030
51381 Leverkusen, Germany                                          USA


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 92 - July - August - September - 1996, Page 21.

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